Goleman Casting began in 2013, as an extras casting company and continues today, now offering extras casting, local & regional casting, and many other services. Our office is conveniently located in the hear of downtown Mobile, Alabama.

Brandy Goleman, Owner

A native and lifelong resident of Mobile, Alabama, Brandy is a relative newcomer to the entertainment business, but has become very busy, very quickly. In the past two years, Brandy has provided extras casting and local/regional casting services to more than ten productions. The business continues to grow and so, too, do her contacts. She has worked with productions across the country and across the globe. Brandy is married to Ron Goleman, and they have four children: Bryce, Torrance, Mendalyn, and Braylon, plus their dog, Jaguar, named for the family’s favorite college team’s mascot, the University of South Alabama.